My top ten 80’s films (Minor Spoilers) by Yen Ip

1980’s films were my earliest exposure to films so this is always fun but hard to list. They are always changing in order and it is difficult to narrow it down to ten.

1. Back to the Future, 1985, Robert Zemeckis

It is the best comedic take on time-travel and every time I watch it again, I will discover something new. It is the film that got me interested in other time travel films.

2. Ghostbusters, 1984, Ivan Reitman

I have many great child memories with this film and I love how I only understood the jokes from Bill Murray several years later.

3. Superman 2, 1980, Richard Lester, Richard Donner (uncredited)

I loved the Christopher Reeve Superman films and for that time there weren’t really any superhero films. It is just a lot fun seeing the three villains battle Superman.

4. Superman 3, 1983, Richard Lester

The junkyard fight scene is one of the best superheroes fight scene and the final showdown towards the end is a lot of fun.

5. Robocop, 1987, Paul Verhoeven

The first time I have seen violence in films was through Robocop. The villains were interesting and the final showdown was just amazing.

6. The Goonies, 1985, Richard Donner

One of the few family films in this era where there is no science fiction elements, or magic powers to carry out the story.

7. Gremlins, 1984, Joe Dante

I loved that the darkest part in the film was not from the actual Gremlins themselves.

8. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984, Steven Spielberg

Most 80’s film list would be incomplete without a Spielberg film I was no exception. The dark tones blended in very well with the lighter ones.

9. Back to the Future Part 2, 1989, Robert Zemeckis

I like Part 2 because it continued from the exact same scene Part 1 had left off. It was good to see them recreate that scene after four years.

10. The Breakfast Club, 1985, John Hughes

This is the only film on the list that I didn’t grew up with but have discovered during my uni years. A very unique film and set mainly in one room and doesn’t require visuals to tell the their individual stories.


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