Top ten foreign films!

Foreign cinema has always been important to LTBL Productions due to its very nature of being a local story told to a global audience. Our top ten foreign films.

As a company we aim to create inspiring and engaging films we must better understand the world we live in. With the age of technology the world has become even smaller but nothing beats being transported to another culture, language and location then a beautifully crafted film. Well except traveling there in person.

So here are my top ten foreign films of all time.

  • 10. Shogun Assassin (Japan)
  • 9. Memories of a murder (South Korea)
  • 8. Company (India)
  • 7. JSA (South Korea)
  • 6. OldBoy (South Korea)
  • 5. Le Prophet (France)
  • 4. Infernal Affairs trilogy (Hong Kong)
  • 3. Lady Vengeance (South Korea)
  • 2. Seven Samurai (Japan)
  • 1. Das Leben der Anderen (Germany)


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